Payroll and Biometric Solution

Our system addresses but are not limited to the following challenges:

  • Short fall and overages in payments.
  • Ghost workers syndrome leading to misappropriation of government fund
  • Omission of some employee from payment schedule and erroneous addition of personnel to payroll
  • Stability
  • Inaccurate unique identification of personnel
  • Loss of historic documentation of employee emolument and pensions
  • Delays and errors in bank schedule and other schedules compilation
  • Inability of keeping tracks of leave, allowances, deductions, accruals, promotions, loans, etc.
  • Inaccurate time management with respect to attendance
  • Getting employee’s reports or information in time is cumbersome
  • No seamless interactions between various departments in accessing and computing payroll.
  • Unavailability of unified database for planning, security and identity dilemma.
  • Errors in tax computation.
  • Inability to reflect all variables in a salary structure.