At Cyberpay, our mission is to deploy cutting edge solutions, forge relationships with customers, empower them as we meet their expectations.

For us to do this, we would tax ourself with understanding their needs and pain points and use that to develop and deploy customer solutions that meet this need and expectations.

A lot has been said about fintech, digital payment in nigeria but for us at cyberpay what is important for us are deploying customary solutions that actually cater to the needs of our customers and clients, hence our principle is to adhere to the mantra ‘SMART PAY’.

Cyberpay would be the most reliable provider of payment solution in Nigeria and in extension, across Africa. In terms of product and services, we would be focusing on solutions across various business segments like online payments, public sectors, educational sectors etc.

Primarily, we intend to focus on financial sectors that are currently supported by fintech, asset management, insurance, investment banking etc


We are guaranteeing simple AP address integration, we are innovating around alternate payment services, we will be ensuring high transaction success rates, leveraging multiple processing and switching channels, our settlement cycle would be shorter than the other competitors. Here at cyberpay, our financial technology arm, we understand that for many consumers, the online experience is equally as important as the offline experience. Championing security, convenience and ease of transaction, we continue to launch various products to meet the needs of our customers and clients.

Why use us?

CyberPay makes financial technology accessible to everyone (corporate and individuals), across different sectors and all works of life. Our APIs are easy to access and require little or no assistance to integrate. With a dedicated 24/7 support system, CyberPay is built to ensure payments and collections become secure, convenient and hassle-free.